How far back should a resume go

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A resume is the first demonstration of yourself in front of the employer. It is a kind of business card of the applicant. A well-written resume is a guarantee of quality, a preliminary advantage that the applicant receives long before the interview.

They say that the first impression is the most important thing. When looking for work, the beginning of further cooperation becomes a well-formed document. It should always be remembered that an employer has to choose from a certain number of applicants, and often many resumes are rejected at the first viewing. But precisely this document is an impulse that forces you to be selected from the faceless mass of other applicants.

In this sense, a resume is like an ad. The only difference is that here you are the advertiser and the advertising product. A bad resume is like a black PR. And if you are invited for an interview, it is only to look at a beautiful person who has compiled the “imperishable work of art”, or the company’s affairs are so bad that they take the first person they meet.

Focus on achieving a specific position

First, you need to be aware of what position you are applying for and, depending on this, identify certain professional and personal qualities. Secondly, if you have minimal experience in this field or no experience at all, then, apparently, you should not pretend to the role of a leading specialist or rely on yourself to occupy an executive chair. If you intend to change the scope of activities radically, then be prepared to build your career from the very beginning.

Many chair managers are annoyed by viewing resumes of applicants with a small track record claiming to be leading specialists.

Many HR managers complain that job seekers send their resume to everyone in a row more than once. Such actions of the applicant are annoying because it seems that he doesn’t care in which area to work and what to do, and, as a result, they try not to get involved with such an applicant. Such excessive quickness is just annoying.