How to format a resume

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Brevity and conciseness are essential parameters of each resume. But this does not mean that it should consist of enumerations of various terms that characterize you. A potential employer will decide that you simply copied a set of qualities from the depths of the network, which means that because of this indifference to your own resume, you simply will not be accepted for this job. The section “About Me” needs to be made out more colorfully and vividly.

Therefore, instead of the standard wording, you can use more lively synonyms:

  • Sociability. Alternatively, you can write that you have the desire to build a trusting relationship with partners for productive and successful joint activities;
  • A responsibility. Write an apparent response to the assigned work, its quick and independent implementation;
  • Discipline. Indicate the ability to strictly follow the rules of work and behavior in accordance with the company’s charter;
  • Punctuality. Instead, it is better to note that you never violate the schedule or deadlines for the work assigned;
  • Performance. Write that you can do a lot of work without violating deadlines and quality losses;
  • Loyalty. Note that you respect the interests and beliefs of your colleagues;
  • Analytic skills. Indicate that you are able to study and systematize a large amount of information and draw the right conclusions;
  • Customer focus. Instead, you can simply write that you are only using the requirements and expectations of the client;
  • Current life position. Write that you have the desire to improve your performance and business process.

The correct questionnaire should always be short but very capacious. The layout of this document is as important as its content. A very rough and often oversight is the summary design in reliable text. It is better to use bulleted lists, and the most convenient and beautiful option is the table. It is read and perceived much more comfortable and faster, and visually, the document looks better than just text.

So, in order to increase the likelihood of getting exactly the kind of work that you need, it is essential to follow the rules and norms of the questionnaire. The best solution would be to prepare a classical document on a general standard and then adjust it in accordance with the requirements of the company or organization to which it will be submitted.